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Name:Just another prosaic days
Birthdate:Apr 15
Just my another useless journal... :P
I didn't even know is I'll post something in this journal, or not!!!
Oh well, maybe I'll post some icon if I didn't too lazy to make them!!! XPP
I love music, especially K-Pop, and I love Onew the most!!!
Just can't resist that cute bunny!!! XDDD *oh well, who can? :P*
And I love yaoi!!! Weird??? Well, who care??? :P
You don't like yaoi??? Then just get off!!!
Cause I don't like people who underestimated gay people!!!
Come on guys, gay is human too!!! What make you think you better than them??? :/
My OTP??? Anything with Onew in it!!! :P
But mostly I love Onho and Jongyu!!!
Why??? Because I love Bottom!Onew~!!! XDD
I'm friendly and nice, but once I didn't like someone then you better hide from me!!! Cause I can be really bitchy sometimes!!!
But when I like you, I'll treasure you the most!!! X3
Sooooo, let's be friends???

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